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How to attract purpose-driven employees

If anything is certain since the pandemic, it is that there has been a reframing of what a productive workday can look like and a greater focus on meeting the needs and desires of employees. This article explores how you, as an employer, can attract and retain purpose-driven employees in your business.

What do purpose-driven employees want

Nowadays, job seekers are not just looking for work that allows them to put food on the table. Instead, they are looking for work that is fulfilling, stimulating, and well-paid. 

A study conducted by McKinsey & Company highlights the factors that job seekers consider important to their satisfaction at work and how an employer can be purpose-driven when hiring someone. 89% of survey respondents stated that they do not feel fulfilled in their current positions. 

So, what are they exactly looking for? What does the ideal job look like?

Fulfillment in the work environment

In recent years, the job market has changed dramatically. The transition from the industrial era to the digital one has allowed people to reassess what they really value in life. Many people are no longer willing to work long hours in a soul-destroying job under bad leadership. Employees want to contribute to society in a meaningful way, experience career growth, and enjoy themselves in the process. 

Research has demonstrated that a person who feels fulfillment at work is more productive than a person who doesn’t.


Before the pandemic, work environments were already changing, but the pandemic really helped accelerate the trend toward flexibility. Although it comes with its downsides, working from home has been a blessing for many people. Some of the benefits include not having to waste valuable time (and money) on transport to and from the office, being able to pick your children up from school, and having more time to exercise! Studies have shown that flexibility makes employees more productive, so it’s a win-win.

To be treated like a human (not a number)

Employees want to be treated fairly and with respect. Every member of a company adds value, and they are no longer willing to accept being seen as dispensable. If you treat people like human beings rather than numbers, it will have a positive impact on your business because happiness is correlated with productivity at work.

Great leadership

A good leader is one of the most important elements of a company. Employees who feel that their leaders listen to them, empathize with them, and don’t micromanage them are far more likely to stay in their company for the long term. A stand-out leader is someone who maintains a balance between professionalism and genuine care for their team. 

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, the working world is a different place post-pandemic. Employee well-being is something that can no longer be ignored by employers. Undervalued, overworked employees will either be less than optimally productive or will seek work elsewhere, and both of these outcomes will negatively affect the success of your company. So, if you are in a leadership position, focus on creating a company culture that will attract purpose-driven employees, and you’ll start to see a difference in no time!

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