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Brand Director

About the role

We are looking for a talented Brand Director to join our executive team to unify our messaging and ensure our brand is on point with our mission of removing all plastic from the ocean to better engage our existing customers and bring us new ones.

We need you to lead the charge on crafting a great story that conveys the high quality of our products and the benefits to the planet and how those ideals can be compatible with an adventurous lifestyle. You will lead the creative teams with your vision to unify the brand across websites, video, photography and social media as well as ensuring the product stays true to the stories we share.



Let’s Join Forces if You Are:

  • An Experienced Brand Builder – We prefer to find people who’ve done big things and have them join our team to do even bigger things. Having 7-10 years of experience with consumer-facing brands is something that helps us understand what you’ve done before so we can work together to overcome the challenges ahead.
  • Ok with Unknowables – As a small organization, you will wear lots of different hats. Some hats may not always fit well. So, being able to “figure things out” is at the core of any small organization and we value action over perfection.
  • Strategic and Creative – At its core, this role requires someone who can think about the long term strategic vision for the organization and balance that with innovative thinking.
  • Passionate About the Planet – Our whole reason for existing is to make big changes to the way the world’s apparel and textile supply chains operate. Your passion for the environment is what helps fuel our ability to do big things.



  • Competitive pay
  • Significant bonus comp
  • Health Insurance available
  • 401k with Matching
  • Flexible time off
  • Flexible work location
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Parental Leave


To Apply

Check out our website and shootΒ your resume and a thoughtful email about why you are a great fit for FiveADRIFT and this position.

FiveADRIFT is proud to be an equal opportunity employer that welcomes applicants and employees of all genders, races, backgrounds, orientations, and nationalities.


With its luxurious beach towels, FiveADRIFT is committed to removing plastic from the ocean. FiveADRIFT donates 100% of its profits from each purchase to organizations dedicated to ocean cleanup. Each purchase helps to remove up to 75 plastic bottles from the ocean.

Certified B-Corporation
Size: 11-50
Year Founded: 2019

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