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About the role

At Heura we are food activists, and our mission is to provide a solution that leaves animals out of the equation, while feeding millions of people in a sustainable way. Technology gives us the opportunity to build a food system that not only solves our current challenges but also responds to our values.

We also know that great goals can only be achieved by diverse teams of people with different backgrounds, perspectives, orientations, abilities, food tastes, dress sense, and time zones – we don’t just accept our differences; we fully support and celebrate them.

But ultimately, we all have one common goal: accelerating the protein transition.

And that’s why we are looking for a Public Relations Director!

You will help us achieve our mission through developing and amplifying Heura’s global reputation as a leader in the transformation of the food system towards positive impact, as well as leading industry conversations, showing up where it matters most to make our voice louder. 



  • Developing key and new relationships with diverse sectors that will allow us to move in partnership towards our mission.
  • Raise profile of company from Spanish start-up success, to respected and referenced global player bringing most significant impact in Europe’s food chain.
  • Make Heura’s famous for food tech breakthroughs.
  • Develop an active plan to reverse the category perception towards a higher natural & high nutritional value food.
  • Position Heura and key persons in the organization as world’s food industry SUCCESSORS: global leaders/referents of positive impact for the food industry and beyond.
  • Connect seamlessly mission narratives in all company initiatives, including products, showing Heura as an unstoppable force for change in sustainability, culinary experience and nutrient density.
  • Increase SOV versus global referents in the sector.
  • Counter narratives from other industries challenging plant-based products.
  • Put Heura in the headline of a top tier global media coverage: FT, NYT, WP, CNN.
  • Work closely with the CEO and Marketing Team.



  • Capable of drawing stakeholders mapping connected to company challenges and designing the strategies to build bridges with different stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated expertise on different media tiers, using entry doors and back doors to reach the right channels
  • Knowledge and experience publishing with global media outlets. Specialized and/or general audiences.
  • Capacity to “see Headlines” everywhere.
  • Ability to curate and write complex information into a simple articulation and engaging stories for different audiences to understand.
  • Influence leadership and used to work cross-functionally in an ever changing environment.
  • Full Professional Proficiency in English and Spanish are a must. Catalan will be also valued.
  • Experience in Decision making and resolutive capabilities in a fast-paced working environment.
  • Creative solving for complex problems -not in the text books-, hacker attitude.



To make this world a better place is hard work, so we support our Dream Team with:

  • Culture of freedom, responsibility, and constructive feedback
  • An entrepreneurial environment that encourages innovation
  • Regulatory local labor days + 5 extra ones for Vacations! (capped in 30 labor days yearly)
  • Flexible working environment
  • Private Health Insurance or Medical Allowance
  • Organic coffee, tea & plant-based drinks
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Discounts on Heura’s products
  • Flexible retribution with Cobee
  • After-work gatherings and other cool company events (in local offices)
  • and…

…Working with top-talented and amazing Good Rebels! 👇🏽

We are good, non-conformist rebels: we question the status quo and reject “that’s the way it’s always been done”, therefore promoting constant change. We look for the greatest positive impact on the planet, and we know we have the power to create a new reality.

We are owners, so we take initiative and bring solutions to the table. We are humble learners and know that being under construction is fine. We help each other grow through feedback showing uncompromising transparency and vulnerability. We value other points of view because we know that a diversity of opinions makes us greater.

We are constantly learning, and we thrive on understanding each other better every day, on putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

None of this would make sense if we didn’t enjoy the journey. We smile and celebrate every day because we are passionate about our work and our mission.

We think big and bold and are always looking for the “WOW” in everything we do, and we work to exceed everyone’s expectations (colleagues, customers, consumers, and society).

If you see yourself here and can meet the essential requirements, we would love for you to apply. Or, do you know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

Heura Foods

Heura Foods is renowned for its innovative meat alternatives that prioritize sustainability and health. The company offers a variety of products, including plant-based chicken and beef, catering to the growing global demand for delicious, environmentally-friendly, and ethical food choices.

Certified B-Corporation
Size: 51-200
Total Amount Raised: $52.3M
Year Founded: 2017

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