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Senior Copywriter

About the role

Not all heroes wear capes — but plenty of them use toilet paper

Come write with us! It’s fun but also challenging (in a good way).

Funny name, serious business

We make eco-friendly products and donate 50% of our profits to provide clean water and help build toilets for the billions of people who lack proper access. So far, we’ve contributed over $11.22 million AUD (roughly $7.5 million USD) to fund sanitation projects around the globe. Basically, we’re really good at doing good.

With hubs in Australia, the Philippines, China, the US, UK and Europe, our amazing team of 200+ work to make the biggest possible impact for people and the planet. Over the next couple of years, we’re hoping to increase our annual donation tenfold to get us closer to our dream of everyone in the world having access to clean water and sanitation services.


A bit about the role

Whether it’s the cheeky one-liner, Meta ad or out of home campaign, copy is often the first point of contact with our customers and sets the tone for everything we do.

That’s why we’re pumped to share that we are looking for a Senior Copywriter to join our Creative Team. Our team spans across Australia and the US but this role is based in Australia and best suited for someone passionate about concepting bold campaigns, writing hard-working messaging and creating delightfully engaging experiences for our customers.

Reporting to our Associate Copy Director, you’ll help our tone of voice come to life across all customer touchpoints. We’re looking for big ideas that make people laugh, make us memorable, and inspire people to do good. You’ll be working with people across the business to help us write our way to creative excellence.

If you worked here this past month here are some things you might have been involved in:

  • Teaming up with our Creative and Brand Teams to brainstorm the concept for our next limited edition
  • Working with our video content team to help concept, storyboard and script campaigns for Meta.
  • Buddying up with a teammate to dream big, bold and pie in the sky ideas. Then create a proof of concept and pitch to the team.
  • Working with our Retail Team to strategise how to make a splash in supermarkets around the world with disruptive copy and innovative activations
  • Iterating on old transactional emails to turn them into something new and unexpected (real talk: we’re not afraid of a fart button in an email)
  • Collaborate with our PR team to concept ideas that are sure to get us noticed by new customers
  • Asking a bunch of questions about our team and process, then suggesting ten ways we could improve the way we work to maximise efficiency and collaboration across time zones
  • Iterate on old packaging or emails to make them feel fresh and vibrant
  • Partnering with our People and Culture team to make our job posts (like this one!) even better


Let’s talk about you

You’re a seasoned writer

You know how to write hard-working copy that converts, delights and engages. You’ve written billboards, online campaigns, in person events, emails, landing pages, radio ads… you name it. You know the rules for best practice writing across all mediums…and you know when to break them.

Our tone of voice is like your tone of voice

A good writer will adopt the style of the brand at hand. Still, this job will be a whole lot more fun if you find yourself naturally writing with a witty, quirky and friendly voice. We’re looking for someone who has written for a variety of voices, but feels like their natural tone of voice is most similar to ours.

You’re an idea machine

Yes, you’re a writer, but you’re not just focused on the words. You’re always thinking about the big picture. You can think of large scale, campaignable ideas, as well as the easy wins. We’re looking for the ideas that make us famous and increase our impact. You should be good (no, great) at presenting these ideas and thinking about how they can come to life beyond the words. We’re looking for people with agency experience used to collaborating with art directors and designers.

Details schmetails

Well, not really. We’re on the hunt for someone detail-oriented and organised. You even know the difference between less and fewer. Laid and layed? Easy. And you can do it all quickly and under pressure. You work to pace without being chased and you’re a stickler about meeting deadlines. We’re looking for a Prioritisation Petunia (she’s Nervous Nelly’s cousin).

You wear other people’s shoes

You’re really good at seeing other people’s perspectives. You can imagine yourself as our customer and decide which copy would be more effective in each stage of their journey. You know the right questions to ask to make sure your copy is crystal clear.

Opportunity detective

You like getting in the weeds, getting your hands dirty and taking a bull by the horns when it comes to being proactive about problem solving. We love people who take initiative and ownership, not only over their work, but over how we work as a team.

Friendly humanoid

We always come together as a team to brainstorm and collaborate first before breaking away to flesh out the finer details. Then, we come back together to get feedback from the team as well as invite other key people in the business to get their thoughts. You’re totally up for taking people along for a journey, in fact, you love it. People! They’re the best.

You give a crap

Do you want your work to make the world a better place? Do you want to work with other people who feel the same way? What a coincidence — us too!


Why should you work with us?

First off, as a certified B Corp™, we work to make a difference every day while maintaining the highest standards of social and environmental impact. With our most recent score of 125.5 we’re in very good company with other exceptional B Corps around the world.

We also believe that helping to make the world a better place should be rewarded accordingly – that’s why we offer competitive, market informed salaries, meaningful support towards healthcare for our team around the world, generous paid leave, tailored learning and development opportunities, and free toilet paper (yes, you read that right).

Our engagement surveys (thanks Culture Amp!) tell us that our team is really proud (98%) to work for Who Gives A Crap and, well, we couldn’t be more proud of that.


Have you made it this far?

If you’re still reading, we think there’s a strong chance you might be our kind of person. Here’s the thing, though — research suggests that 60% of women and underrepresented folks might have already talked themselves out of applying. Even if you don’t check every box above, we want to encourage you to introduce yourself. We believe a diversity of perspectives and experiences makes a team stronger — and the stronger our team, the closer we are to delivering toilets and clean water for all.

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives a Crap is an Australian startup that develops forest-friendly toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues. It also donates a portion of the profits to water/sanitation projects in the developing world.

Certified B-Corporation
One of BuiltInLA’s “100 Best Places to Work” two years in a row
Size: 150-200
Funding Level: Series A
Total Amount Raised: $41.7 M
Year Founded: 2012

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